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Racine carrée de 2 + racine carrée de 3 ~~~~= PI

Racine carrée de 2 plus racine carrée de 3 sensiblement égal à PI. "Trois ..." temps dans l'univers, le cosmos. Deux familles d'éléments de MENDELEÏEV ; "une" famille d' éléments temps; ...

1,41... + 1,73 ... = 3,14 ... ~= PI ....; 2^(1/2)... + 3^(1/2)... ~= PI ..................

Matière = temps=atome ..................;Sin^2(x) + Cos^2(y) = i^4 .......................;3^2+4^2=5^2 ...............; DEUX familles de matières ET plusieurs temps (onde ou particule) .............;1/(2^n) ...........;2^n ............;3*(2^n) ...........;2^(1/2) ...........;3^(1/2) .... autres briques de base ....proton=101 ......


“The methods of theoretical physics should be applicable to all those branches of thought in which the essential features are expressible with numbers.”

Paul Dirac ((from the speech at the Nobel Banquet in Stockholm, December 10, 1933)

"l'univers est nombre."
"l'univers est écrit en langage mathématique. " Galilée
Le nombre porte en lui sa dimension temporelle ET matérielle.

Vous trouverez dans ce blog TOUT sur les bases de notre compréhension du monde.

R.G.U. : Réalité Générale de l'Univers

Démarche pythagoricienne, euclidienne ,philosophique,religieuse catholique ,métaphysique,mathématique,arithmétique,
sur la matière et le temps,
( construction des éléments de Mendeleïev, des constituants de l'atome, approche quantique de la physique )


le temps .

Et Dieu créa le nombre, l'homme le chiffre.

Constante arithmétique (Cf constante cosmologique) :

Fonction arithmétique , de l' environnement spatio-temporel

13 chiffres significatifs, somme 66 .

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Ce blog est une succession de remarques , notes, observations, remises en cause, permettant de prendre en compte cette approche déterminante pour notre avenir .
Signification spatiale et temporelle du chiffre, nombre ....

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jeudi 24 août 2017


666 and the Magickal Seal of the Sun

The “Seals of the Planets,” popular before the time of Christ according to Budge (Amulets and Superstitions), are interesting because the seal containing “the Grand Number of the Sun” contains the very sacred number 36 laid out in a 6×6 square with the numbers from 1 to 36 so arranged that they add up the same in all directions, with the total of the whole seal 666.
Though popular also in Eastern lands, the Greek and Roman, or Latin, inscriptions on these seals show also their popularity in the West.. Since the sun-god was considered as the ruler over the 36 constellations of the sky and the 36 rooms of the circle of the zodiac, it was inevitable that the summary number of the numbers from 1 to 36, the number 666 should have been assigned to the sun as the ruler over all the gods of heaven and earth.
Babylonian astrologers divided the starry heavens into 36 constellations (ten days each). These were represented by different amulets called “Sigilla Solis,” or the Sun Seal. These amulets were worn by the pagan priests and they contained all the numbers from 1 to 36. By these figures they claimed to be able to foretell future events. These amulets were usually made of gold, yellow being the sun color. While being carried, these amulets were wrapped in yellow silk, as it was thought that the bearer would thus receive the beneficent powers believed to emanate from that jewel.
Adding the numbers of any column either horizontally or vertically, and also the two diagonals crossing the square, the total is the same — 111. The sum of the six columns, either horizontally or vertically, is 666. The illustrations below taken from actual amulets in the Berlin Museum.
The 6×6 Magic Square of the Sun contains the first 36 numbers arranged in such a fashion so that each line of numbers, weather added horizontally, vertically or diagonally from corner to corner, will yield the “solar number” 111. The entire magic square therefore equals 666, a number which was significant to early Christian mystics.   In Hebrew Kabbalah, the names of the intelligence of the Sun and Spirit of the Sun were designed to equal 111 and 666 respectively. Like 888, 666 is an important musical number, for .666 is the ration of the perfect fifth, the most powerful harmonic interval.  — From Jesus Christ, Sun of God (Fidler)

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